We are delighted to announce Gary Hanley's appointment as Director

We are pleased to announce that Investing For Tomorrow team member, Gary Hanley, has been appointed to our board of directors. 

Gary joined the company in October 2017 as our Senior Paraplanner where he very quickly became a very important member of Investing For Tomorrow. He soon went on to achieve his Chartered Financial Planner status and we are delighted to welcome him to the board alongside Laurence and Toby.


When asked for a few words, Gary responded: 

“Anyone who knows me knows I am not one for a big fanfare or long speeches! But above all, I am a family man and what I love about Investing For Tomorrow is the family ethos that runs through the company. I remember sitting-in on one of Laurence’s meetings when I joined the company. When a new client agreed to engage us as their Financial Advisers he shook their hand and said “welcome to the IFT family”. For me this is at the heart of Investing For Tomorrow. It is this ethos that makes staff members, and clients, feel like they are valued individuals and not just a number like you can sometimes feel with larger multinational companies.”

Managing Director Toby Turner added:

“Gary has a very keen eye for compliance and has worked very closely with the existing Directors to ensure that we remain fully compliant with each and every facet of the FCA regulations as they change from time to time. He has consistently helped us to push the business forward on several fronts. It was a natural progression for him to be appointed a Director and we are thrilled to have him join us on the Board.”

We are confident that with Gary’s help, Investing For Tomorrow will continue to grow and embrace any new challenges ahead. We are proud to welcome Gary to the board of directors to help steer the ship.