Plan for tomorrow, live for today

Everyone dreams of one day living life on their own terms. For many, this is based around their retirement pension pot. Knowing where you are going financially today better enables you to realise your goals and objectives for the future.

At Investing for Tomorrow, we spend a lot of our time finding out what you desire from life. Once that’s clear we aim to ensure you have the financial capability to achieve the lifestyle you desire. After that it all comes down to simple mathematics.

Our unique approach

At Investing For Tomorrow we apply our own unique approach to financial planning. We believe that financial expertise mixed with clarity of communication is by far the best way to help our clients.

To this end we have developed a 7 step approach so that we can find out about you, your aspirations and goals and your particular circumstances and be better able to advise you.

Over 7 stages, we build a financial plan which we then review with you as you progress towards your goals.

Our 7 stage approach:

We will meet with you for an hour, entirely at our expense and with no obligation on your part to proceed further. Gaining insight into your current arrangements and requirements enables us to find out if and how we could help you realise your financial goals.

If we believe we can deliver value for money and provide you with a quality service, we will explain how we plan to help you and the costs of our services. If we reach mutual agreement on working together we can quickly move to the next stage.

Our initial and on-going fees are detailed in our client agreement document.

If engaged, we gather as much information as possible about your current financial arrangements, personal circumstances and attitudes to investment risk. This process allows us to offer the best advice.

The process often involves us contacting the providers of your plans and policies to obtain up-to-date information on valuations, terms and conditions and benefits.

Our comprehensive discussions with you provides insight into your goals and your existing situation, which may include: –

  • Your financial goals and needs
  • Your income and expenditure
  • Valuation of your assets and liabilities
  • Your insurance policies and investment funds
  • Types of assets held in your investment funds
  • Your attitude to investment risk
  • Your priorities
  • Lifetime cash flow plan (costs to be discussed)

Analysis of data we gather enables us to evaluate opportunities for making your resources work most effectively. In identifying appropriate strategies, we consider the taxation and other implications of any changes before considering whether any changes to your existing arrangements represent an appropriate strategy.

Our evaluation enables us to create a written recommendations report for you. The report highlights the opportunities to organise your arrangements to more readily aim to achieve your stated goals.

Recommendations regarding investments will take account of your attitude to the relationship between risk and reward inherent in choosing investment options.

We follow a consistent and professional method of investment asset allocation and portfolio construction. We will work with you and aim to provide the most appropriate investment solution to meet your needs.

We will meet with you to present our recommendations, elicit your views and agree what actions, if any, need to be taken next.

If you decide to take action as a result of our advice, we can help to arrange all necessary steps to ensure your decisions are implemented thoroughly, accurately and in a timely manner. A great plan badly implemented becomes a bad plan.

We will help you:

  • Deal with all necessary paperwork
  • Deal with changes to existing arrangements
  • Liaise with your other professional advisers where possible
  • Keep you informed of our progress
  • We will send you written confirmation of the actions we have taken on your behalf and how they meet your stated goals. This may include additional actions we recommend you take.

Good financial planning is not a ‘one-off’ event. We believe regular forward planning meetings are the only way to keep each other up-to-date with developments in your circumstances and other factors influencing the progress and performance of your plans.

We would invite you to forward planning meetings at agreed intervals. In between meetings we will maintain regular contact with you regarding relevant financial news. You will also have access to our team whenever you need to make an enquiry about your plans.

We provide you with the opportunity to sign up to our regular newsletters and you can also join our online community on Facebook and Twitter.

The value of your investment can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount invested.

‘Toby my adviser was very friendly and down to earth, which put me at ease.  He gave me clear and precise advice on what I can only term as a minefield regarding personal pensions.  The customer service was beyond my expectations, well done to the company.  I also found the surroundings to be very relaxing’ – Miss Delphine Purkiss

Plan for tomorrow,
live for today