Halifax RLFC Reunion Dinner contest winner announced!

We were the proud sponsors of Halifax Rugby League Football Club’s 1987’s team Reunion Dinner, which took place at the Shay Stadium on Saturday 1st July.

We held a competition in partnership with Halifax RLFC, giving away two VIP tickets to two lucky fans. We’d like to say congratulations to Sharon Oliver who won the VIP Gold Seats, for the sold out 87 Reunion Dinner plus a VIP dining package for the Bradford Bulls match the following day. Sharon and her partner were given the opportunity to join the former players at an evening event which included a three-course meal and a meet and greet afterwards.

VIP ticket holder and contest winner Sharon Oliver commented:

‘I’m incredibly pleased to have been given this amazing opportunity. My husband has been a fan of Halifax RLFC since he was 10 years old; he went to all the games with his father. It was a struggle to be able to listen to the challenge cup final all those years ago, being in America, so I feel like this is a chance to relive the excitement from 1987! I was nervous but very excited to meet all the players!”

As the competition sponsor, Investing For Tomorrow selected the lucky winner; have a read of Sharon’s inspiring entry:

“Imagine a time before the Internet, Whatsapp, Twitter or Facebook. There were almost no Personal computers, no IPads, mobile phones were the size of bricks and email was for the few in the know. Imagine being a lifelong Fax Fan and working in North Carolina USA (Brit newspapers taking a week to arrive) and what happens?

“Your team makes it to the Challenge Cup Final for the first time in living memory. You can’t afford to fly back to London, what on earth are you going to do?

“That’s exactly what happened to my husband – then a twenty-something fan of 15+ years and marooned for two years thousands of miles away in the land of gridiron.

“By chance, I was in the dentist who happened to be British and was telling her this story and amazingly she said she had a long range radio we could borrow. So that’s how we listened to the match (no TV), in our condo with a very crackly signal. It was so exciting and I was so glad we’d managed to experience it albeit all those miles away. The next year we were back in the UK, excitedly followed the ’88 Fax to Wembley and … lost, gutted!”