How we manage our clients' investment portfolios

Investing should be a simple matter. You buy at a low price and sell at a high one; you stay in successful funds and get out of the losers as quickly as possible.  But if investing is really so simple, then why isn't everyone winning?

Since stockmarkets began, hundreds of years ago, investing has been done roughly the same way.  Today of course, people have keyboards, screens and phones – but what they actually do hasn’t really changed at all. Experts study the ebb and flow of stocks and share and try to predict tomorrow’s winners. They decide on what to buy and sell based on what happened yesterday and what’s happening today.  The problem is, just like the rest of us, they are human beings. Even the most experienced and qualified manager can’t help letting their emotions and prejudices get into the mix, or resist the urge to follow the herd.

We have developed a unique technology that removes human emotion from the investment process, using the power of the cloud and ‘big data’.

Watch the video above to learn how the system monitors information from over 4,000 UK-registered investment funds to objectively and swiftly select new funds to replace underperforming ones.

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